What Additional Skills Are Employers Going To Be Looking for In 2021

Hand with red pen writing the word skills with other skills listed in the background.Many things are uncertain in the world today. Since March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our booming economy went from rock bottom to well on its way to recovering to a pre-coronavirus level.

As we see unemployment rates dropping, we find ourselves working in an economy that is a job-seekers market. With this recovery, we will be forever changed from this worldwide pandemic.

One of the changes that we have embraced is working remotely. Due to this change, many of the ways we have conducted business has changed as well. The hiring process is one of those areas that has changed dramatically.

Moving forward to 2021, companies are bringing these new hiring practices with them. Not only are they bringing new hiring strategies, but they are also looking for specific skills.

Here are 5 essential skills that companies will be looking for their hires to have in 2021:

• Adaptability – you must be able to pivot quickly
• Quick learner – platforms are a living entity, always changing to keep us in an endless loop of learning
• Communication – be able to articulate with others your ideas and be a problem-solver
• Be a team player – lone wolves don’t survive or last, work for the betterment of the company as a whole
• Persuasive – advocate for your ideas, suggestions and win projects – this will get you noticed with management

Which one of these employee proficiencies can you insert into your skill set and begin practicing today? The more you embody these five skills, the more prepared you will be to start the interview process.

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